Twigz Adult Hockey League
Tournament Overview
This tournament is designed to be a competitive, fun tournment for Adult Players! Ages 18 and Up! There is no other Adult Tournament like this in the Toledo Area! Enjoy Onsite Bar, Food, and Fun! Games will be played on May 6 or 7, 2023 at the Team Toledo Ice House.

May 6: A and C divisions
May 7: B and 45+ divisions
Tournament Details

Games and Rosters

  • 3 games guaranteed, 4 games maximum
  • Max 6 teams per division
  • All games played within 6 hours
  • 3x10 minute run-time periods
  • 5v5 full-ice format
  • Penalties result in penalty shots at the end of regulation: SEE RULE #8
  • No checking
  • Division Examples
    • A: Pro, semi-pro, D1, D2, D3, Jr's (current - 4 years past level)
    • B: Semi-pro, D1, D2, D3, Jr's (over 3 years last played), current adult beer league A/B
    • C: Current B/C beer league, slightly slower games
    • 45+: All levels of play A-C
  • Any team caught sandbagging will be disqualified from the tournament with no refund! Be honest rosting your team so this is fun for everyone involved.
  • Recommended 10 skaters + goalie. Maximum of 15 skaters + goalie
  • The two teams shall be clearly distinguished during the game. Teams are advised to bring two sets of jerseys or one set matching penny pull-overs. The HOME team has first choice in jersey (normally white). A compromise between available jerseys options must be agreed upon before game time. Teams are encouraged to wear custom jerseys.
  • Cost: $825 per team ($75 per player). See below for payment options.
  • Prizes:
    • All teams receive a case of cold beer at start of tournament
    • Champions receive name on trophy at Ice House
    • Champions receive Howies Accessory Bags filled with Howies accessories
    • Champions receive another case of beer
  • Sponsored by Twigz Hockey Shop, Twigz Hockey League, Team Toledo Ice House, and Ice House Bar

Gameplay Rules

  1. Two referees per game
  2. Slapshots are allowed
  3. Minimum of a visor is required
  4. USA Hockey no checking rules will be enforced for all games, with the following additions as amended herein.
  5. Tag-up Offsides: On infraction, normal whistle followed by face-off. The clock will run.
  6. Icing and 2 line passes:
    1. Icing (occurs as normal, from the red line): The offending team backs off the play and allows their opponent to move the puck beyond their high circle or past the blue line. In addition to the normal icing rule, and in order to discourage teams from icing the puck. The scorekeeper will record a (1) minute penalty as well. We hope to display the penalty count with flip cards within the scorekeeper’s box. Please read the OT Shootout Rule #8. Where a 2 minute minor penalty equates to a OT Shootout opportunity.
    2. 2 line passes are permitted. The receiving player must stay on-sides.
    3. 3 line passes are NOT allowed (Roller Hockey Style). This would result in an off-sides whistle followed by a face-off.
  7. PLEASE REVIEW RULES 7 AND 8 WITH YOUR PLAYERS. Minor Penalties: Indicated by "normal whistles & designated by the ref" – a normal face-off shall occur once the offending team touches the puck. The referee will notify the offending player and send him/her off the ice on "forced" line-change. The scorekeeper will record the 2 or 4 minute penalty which will be used to determine the OT Shootout after regulation time has ended. The offending team "must retreat" away from the puck, and the guilty player heads to the bench for an immediate line. The penalized player may elect to jump back on the ice, by conducting a normal line change with his/her teammates. Each 2 minute minor penalty equates to "1" OT Shootout opportunity. See rule #8 below. A 10 + 2 minute penalty is an automatic ejection from the current game. Resulting in (6) minutes for shootout opportunities. Players with Game Misconduct (traditional next game) are ejected from the tournament. If a team decides to start compiling too many penalties. The referee may STOP the game, and elect to forfeit their game. Resulting in 3-0 victory. We will NOT tolerate excessive penalties in our events! Injured Player: The referee is obligated to STOP PLAY for an injured player. We "may" stop the clock for a few minutes to access an injured player. If the game clock expires due to an injured player, then the final score is recorded "as it stands".
  8. OT Shootout Rule: Penalties from both teams are tallied up at the end of the game. The team with the least amount of penalties is AWARDED a penalty shot for every (2) minute differential. A maximum of (4) penalty shots shall be awarded. We strongly encourage teammates to cycle through their bench on shootout opportunities throughout the tournament. It’s fun for everyone, and exciting game experience. See Tournament Scoring section for example.
  9. No curfew clock during tournament games
  10. (6) goal maximum goal differential per game. The max differential includes the shootout results
  11. No time outs
  12. A team may decide to pull their goalie
  13. When a goal is scored, there will be a normal Center Ice face-off and the clock continues to run
  14. When a goalie freezes the puck or the referee whistles the puck frozen by the goalie:
    1. There will be NO FACE-OFF
    2. The attacking offensive team must allow their opponent to move the puck to a teammate. Normally the goalie will play the puck to his closest d-man.
    3. The attacking team does not need to clear the zone. They merely back-off, allowing the puck to be played.
    4. If a goalie decides to HOLD the puck and NOT play it quickly but chooses to freeze it, the referee may blow the whistle. Stopping play and conducting a normal zone face-off. If this situation occurs, a "delay of game" 2 minute penalty may be assessed by the referee. Unless it was determined that the attacking team did not allow the goalie to safely move the puck to one of his players fast enough. In other words, goalies may not eat up the clock.
  15. Players receiving a major penalty for fighting will be suspended from further play. If multiple fights break out – then please exit from our tournament. Refer to rule #19.
  16. Players receiving a game misconduct penalty or suspension will be suspended from further play
  17. Referees may eject a player for accumulating too many minor penalties or excessive roughness throughout the match/game. The tournament director may elect to eject a player from the current game or the tournament as well. Assuming we have a clear visualization of the offense. We elected to eject a player from the game at our past tournament. Once again, please remind your players of the type of tournament they’re participating in. It’s a fast-pace open ice, skills event.
  18. Use of ineligible players will disqualify the team from advancing in the tournament
  19. The referee may elect to END the game at any time! If he/she feels the teams are endangering themselves with unnecessary roughness. Keep in mind, this is a non-checking, fast-pace 5v5 skills challenge. It’s not a rugby match of two competitive rival teams! Final Score shall be recorded as 0-0. The director may decide to remove both teams from further play. We will NOT tolerate this type of play.
  20. All referee decisions are final and cannot be challenged or changed by the tournament director
  21. No player can participate for more than one team in the same division during the tournament. The only exception may occur if a team is in need of a goalie or if a player is injured or sick halfway through the event. If this happens, please advise the on-site tournament director.
  22. Points: 2 points WIN; 1 point TIE; 0 point loss.
  23. Standings tie-breaks are handled as follows:
    1. Head-to-Head
    2. Goal Quotient: GF/GA+GF
    3. Fewest penalties
  24. Quarterfinals/Semifinals/Championship Games: TIED GAMES
    1. If TIED after regulation, along with the results of the OT penalty shootout, then proceed to rule b.
    2. Each team chooses (3) players for an OT shootout. Home team elects which team shoots first. Teams must elect a new shootout player each time. You cannot use the same shooters that were used earlier in the penalty differential shootout (the goal here, is to have everyone on the team a chance to experience that game time penalty shot pressure). As usual, If the first team scores a goal, then their opponent receives a chance to TIE the round. This happens (3) times per team.
    3. IF TIED after (3) players shoot in rule b. Then we proceed to SUDDEN DEATH. Each team sends a new player to the plate (face-off circle). The home team elects which team shall shoot first again. If Team A shoots first, and they score. Then Team B gets a chance to TIE that round. We REPEAT these steps until someone wins. Teams MUST allow each player a chance to shoot before repeating the cadence of players. As stated above, NO player shall shoot twice until everyone has had a chance to take a chance for glory. Goalies may join in the shootout fun as well!

Example Game with OT Shootout

End of Regulation: Team A wins 4-3 over Team B. However, Team A receives (5) minor penalties and (3) Icing penalties over the course of the game. Whereas, Team B only receives (1) minor penalty, with (4) Icing penalties.

Team A = (5) * 2 minutes + (3) * 1 minute => 13 minutes
Team B = (1) * 2 minutes + (4) * 1 minute => 6 minutes
Subtract 13-6 => 7/2 = 3.5 (and we round down to the whole number)
OT Shootout: Team B is awarded 3 OT Shooters from center ice.

Shootout Results: Team B scores 2 out of 3 goals from their OT shootout
Final Score: 4-5, Team B wins in OT!
Tournament Registration
Each player will need to fill out a registration form. Use the Register Now link below to register yourself for the tournament. Make sure you know your team name prior to registering so that we can assign you to the correct team. The deadline to register is April 25.
All payments must be made with a credit card or PayPal. Click the Pay Now button below to make your payment. The team cost is $825.
Registered Players
Id First Name Last Name Season Division Position Player Type Team