Twigz Adult Hockey League
Sub Spots
Make a Payment
Sub fees can be paid online using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Click on the link below to fill out the form and make your payment.
Expectations for Rostered Players
It's not a problem if you miss a game. But we don't want to leave your team stranded without a sub filling in for you. In order to let us know of your absence, use the link below to fill out a sub request. Once your request has been submitted, another player will be able to claim your spot. The sooner you open up a spot, the better chance we'll have of finding a sub for you. Our expectation is that you open the spot up no later than 24 hours before game time.

If someone on your team handles finding subs, such as a team captain, then send your request to that person. Your team captain will need to complete the form instead. As a team captain, if you have a sub lined up, you'll still need to fill out the form, but you'll need to select the sub player's name from the Requested Sub Player drop-down list.

If you have any additional questions about this process, feel free to contact our Sub Coordinator using the link below.
How to Sign Up to Sub
How Do I Get Added to the Sub List?
If you are already rostered on a team during the current season, then you don't need to do anything; you will automatically be on the sub list.

If you aren't already rostered on a team during the current season, you will need to register as a sub. In order to register, you will first need to register with USA Hockey. The link to both of these registrations is provided below.

All open sub spots will appear in the table above and will be sent out via email to everyone on the sub list each week. Sub spots are claimed on a first-come basis. Once the spot is claimed, it will appear in the upcoming subs list.
How Do I Request a Sub Spot?
To request a sub spot, click the Sign Up button next to the spot you want to request. Select your name from the drop-down list in the pop-up window and click the Save changes button. You will receive an email once the Sub Coordinator has either accepted or denied your request.
How Much Does It Cost to Sub?
The cost to sub is $5 per game for skaters who are both rostered on a team and fully paid during the current season and $20 for all other skaters. Goalies sub for free.
Additional Notes
The Sub Coordinator will review all sub requests and either accept or deny them. Simply because you request to sub doesn't mean it'll be accepted. If you haven't received a confirmation email by game time, you may still show up, but there's no guarantee you'll be allowed to sub.

If your name doesn't appear in the Requested Sub Player drop-down list, then you either haven't registered or your registration hasn't been reviewed. We recommend registering 48 hours prior to attempting to sign up for a sub spot.

If you sign up to sub in an open spot but don't show up to the game, you will be assessed the subbing fee.
For Team Captains
As explained in more detail on the About page, subs may not cause teams to exceed the Team Rating cap. A link to the Team Rating table is included below for your convenience. It can be used to check the impact of a sub player to the cap.